Dear Friends,

Allow us to thank you for your tremendous support.

Your encouraging response has given us the opportunity to offer the
highest quality hand crafted products

At Knights Leather Products, only domestic hand selected leather is being used. The leather is
double shouldered, vegetable tanned, and is free of all caustic chemicals and salts that would corrode
the metals.

•  All of our quality products are hand dyed in house from custom blended dyes, made exclusively for us.

•  Using Lock Stitch harness stitchers, hand rolling and burnishing the edges , instead of just painting,
testifies to our quality work.

•  All of the decorative stars and conchos (German Silver, Jewelers Bronze, Sterling Silver, and Gold
are handmade in our foundry to ensure consistent quality and availability.

•  All the holsters are hand molded, and fitted for a perfect draw.

•  All holsters are available in left hand at no extra charge.

•  Lastly, all of the orders are closely inspected before they are allowed to leave the factory.